Mopsi Routes 2019 is a subset of all routes from Mopsi. It contains 2,484 routes (3,409,812 points) recorded by 10 users. Most routes are in Finland, in Joensuu region.

Routes consists of wide range of activities including walking, cycling, hiking, jogging, orienteering, skiing, driving, traveling by bus, train or boat. Some users recorded life routines like going to work or shopping. The dataset is suitable for mobility pattern mining, user activity recognition, location-based similarity, and detecting outlier.

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Each route is stored in a separate text file containing one point per line ordered by time. The strucrture of the data is:

<Latitude> <Longitude> <Timestamp>* <Altitude>**
*  timestamp is in milliseconds.
** altitude is meters above sea level (not allways available).

Files are grouped by the user. Every user has at least 10 routes.

Summary of data:

Collection details:
Who10 Mopsi Users
When19.7.2008 - 31.3.2019
HowVarious movement types
IssuesSome GPS errors are present