Christmas seminar on geoinformation and health services


Christmas seminar focuses on recent research results related to the on-going IMPRO project. The themes focuses mainly on geo-information and other location aspects in health care and location-based services in general. There will be 6 invited talks.


Organizer: Machine learning group, University of Eastern Finland
Date: Wednesday 19.12.2018
Venue: Joensuu Science Park
Place: Building 1, Seminar room TB 180 (1st floor)


14:00  Welcome coffee
14:20  Pasi Fränti: Social and health care services as an optimization problem (pdf)
14:40  Aapeli Leminen: Modeling time and travel costs for treatment of chronic diseases (pdf)
15:00  Maija Toivakka: Geospatial approach for quality of type 2 diabetes care in North Karelia (pdf)
15:30  Coffee break
15:50  Radu Mariescu-Istodor: Extracting road nettwork from GPS data (pdf)
15:10  Sami Sieranoja: Efficient clustering with graph-based methods (pdf)
16:30  Antti Hiltunen: Health effects of night-time lights 

Evening program

17:00  Outdoor activities
18:00  Sauna and snacks in Science Park
19-22  Socializing

Fees and registration

Participation for the seminar is free. For organizing the coffee and food service, we ask participants to register using doodle poll. In the poll, mark your name + affilication, and select the parts of the program that you plan to participate.

  • [ ] Participate seminar [14:15-17:00]
  • [ ] Outdoor activities [17:00-18:00]
  • [ ] Participate evening program [18:00-21:00]

    Mainly we need head counts for the coffee and sauna snacks. Outdoor activities you might also join ad hoc. Alternatively, email your choices to Pasi Fränti at