Intro: Software, CB-modules, K-means
Random Swap
Deterministic swap
Divisive algorithms
Agglomerative algorithms
Genetic algorithms
Number of clusters
Cluster validation
Cost functions
Fast search
Big data

Lecture Notes 2014:

Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2a - K-means algorithm
Part 2b - Divisive algorithms
Part 2c - Agglomerative clustering algorithms
Part 2d - Swap-based algorithms
Part 2e - Genetic algorithms
Part 3 - Number of clusters
Part 4 - Cost functions
Part 5 - Fast search methods
Part 6 - Dimensionality
Part 6b - Isomap algorithm
Part 6c - Principal component analysis
Part 7 - Outlier removal
Part 8 - Gaussian mixture model
Part 8b - Random Swap EM
Part 9 - Self-organizing map
Part 10 - Very large data sets

K-means and (manual) swap animator

Other material:

Collection of clustering programs
Data sets
Cluster software - visualization tool
3-d visualization software
Pseudo codes
Collection of material
Sample NN graphs
F-ratio for S1
F-ratio for S2
F-ratio for S3
F-ratio for S4

Articles and links:

Article about Split-based algorithm (pdf) (Word)
Article about PNN algorithm (pdf) (Word)
Article about Fast PNN algorithm (pdf) (Word)
Article about Iterative Shrinking algorithm (pdf) (Word)
Article about Fast K-means algorithm (pdf) (Word)
Article about Random Swap algorithm (pdf) (Word)
Article about GA algorithm (pdf) (Word)
Improved version of the GA algorithm (pdf) (Word)
Article about Delta-SC cost function (pdf)
Article about GMG algorithm (pdf)
Ville Hautamäki's Phd Thesis (pdf)
Olli Virmajoki's Phd Thesis (pdf)
Mantao Xu's Phd Thesis (pdf)
Ismo Kärkkäinen's Phd Thesis (pdf)
Jinhua Chen's MSc Thesis (pdf)
Ilja Sidoroff's MSc Thesis (pdf)
Antti Pöllänen's MSc Thesis (pdf)
Pekka Nykänen's MSc Thesis (pdf)
Marko Tuononen's MSc Thesis (pdf)
Svetlana Cherednichenko's MSc Thesis (pdf)
Ioan Cleju's MSc Thesis (pdf)
K-MST based clustering
Similarity of Word Groups
Gradual K-means
Clustering based on principle curve
Presentation material from Caiming Zhong
Presentation material from Sami Äyrämö
Presentation material from Jarkko Venna
IEEE Xplore archive (available via Campus computers)
Science Direct (available via Campus computers)