Doctoral students

  • William Clifford Gomera (billcliff2002(at), Topic: Enhancing ICT-Based Interaction Between Microfinance Institutions and Micro Business
  • Alsen Florian Kapinga (kamingila(at), Topic: Mobile Technology for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs
  • Anna Mark Kayanda (a.kayanda(at), Topic: Developing Decision Making in Tanzanian Academic Institutions Through Improved Information Systems
  • Ezra Misaki (ezramisaki(at), Topic: Small Scale Farming and ICT
  • Mzomwe Yahya Mazana (y.mzomwe(at), Topic: Enhancing Students' Learning of Mathematics Using ICT at the College of Business Education in Tanzania
  • Nasibu Rajabu Mramba (, Topic: Smartphone for Empowering Street Traders
  • Godfrey Isaac Mwandosya (gmwandosya(at), Topic: Mobile Business Innovation School
  • Joel Rumanyika (rummjoe(at), Topic: Improving Street Traders' Market Expansion Through Mobile Technologies In a Tanzania Environment Context

Supervision team

  • Prof. Matti Tedre, UEF
  • Prof. Markku Tukiainen, UEF
  • Dr. Calkin Suero Montero, UEF
  • Dr. Mikko Apiola, UEF
  • Dr. Jarkko Suhonen, UEF
  • Prof. Lazaro S.P. Busagala, CBE
  • Dr. Esther Rosinner Mbise, CBE
  • Prof. George Oreku, Tanzanian Industrial Research and Development Organization, Tanzania
  • Dr. Silvia Gaiani, University of Bologna, Italy

Administration team

  • Prof. Markku Tukiainen, UEF
  • Dr. Jarkko Suhonen (jarkko.suhonen(at), UEF
  • Prof. Emanuel Mjema, CBE
  • Dr. Emmanuel Munishi, CBE