Oct 15, 2018
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The October edition of edTech & Interactive technologies research seminar will be held Thursday, October 25, 13:15-14:30 (GMT+3). The seminar will take place in the edTech room (TB148) at the Science Park. If you want to follow the seminar online, please contact Solomon Sunday Oyelere (solomon.oyelere (at)

The tentative schedule of the seminar is available at:

Jun 12, 2018
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The doctoral dissertation of IMPDET-LE student Nasibu Rajabu Mramba, entitled Mobile technology for street traders in Tanzania will be examined at the Faculty of Science and Forestry, University of Eastern Finland.

The opponent in the public examination will be Prof. Jean-Paul Van Belle, University of Cape Town, South Afirca, and the custos will be Prof. Markku Tukiainen, University of Eastern Finland.

Date and venue: Wednesday, August 29th, at 12:00, M100, Metria Building, Joensuu Campus, University of Eastern Finland.

The public examination can be followed online. The link to the live steam will appear to the edTech website;


Sep 22, 2015
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When: Thursday 24th September, 14:00 (sharp!) - 16:00
Where: EdTech lab + ACP
Who: Tomi Kinnunen, Lauri Mehtätalo, Jarkko Suhonen, Ville Hautamäki,
Ilkka Jormanainen

Schedule: Each presenter will talk max 20 minutes, and we'll have time to discuss after each talk and at the end of the seminar. For PhD students, 1 cp = participation + writing a learning diary (Jarkko will
provide details on Thursday).

Abstract: For many junior researchers, getting papers through (especially, to journals) can look a hopeless task. Sometimes, th reviewers seem to give nonsensical feedback, sometimes the reviewers
are conflicting each other, sometimes they act aggressively, and even the editors seem to make strange decisions. It also takes awfully lot of time to hear any news whatsoever. Why an earth it is so complicated and what can I do to improve my chances getting a paper eventually through? In this seminar, we will not be able to provide all the answers but hope that the examples will illustrate (and help to tackle) some of the problems and stimulate further discussions.