Online courses - academic year 2017-2018

The following online courses are available to IMPDET-LE doctoral students during the academic year 2017-2018.

  1. Design of Smart Learning Environment, 3 ECTS. Course instructor: Dr. Solomon Sunday Oyelere, solomon.oyelere(at) The course will start in April 2018. Note: Course enrollement directly to Solomon, not via Weboodi.
  2. Research Methods in Computer Science, 3621513, 6 ECTS. Course instructor: Dr. Jarkko Suhonen, jarkko.suhonen(at) The course will start in March 2018.
  3. Introduction to Digitalization of Society, 3621665, 5 ECTS. Course instructor: Prof. Matti Tedre, matti(dot)tedre(at)uef(dot).fi. The course will start in September 2017.
  4. Practicum in Online Teaching, 3621537, 5 ECTS. The purpose of this course is to learn in practice what is required when teaching, designing or evaluating online or blended learning courses. The practicum can be completed by (1) designing or teaching in an online/blended learning course; (2) developing new pedagogical/technical solutions to support online/blended learning courses at UEF or by (3) critically and constructively evaluating existing digital learning materials and online/blended teaching practices at UEF. The course can be completed at any time during the academic year. Please contact Dr. Jarkko Suhonen for further information and for agreeing how you can complete the practicum course (jarkko.suhonen@[REMOVE_SPAM]


More information about the courses can be found from the Weboodi system.


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