Admission criteria

General info

The IMPDET-LE applicant apply depending on their previous academic studies and research interests either to the Faculty of Science and Forestry (major subject: Computer Science) or to the Philosophical Faculty (major subject: Education, Special Education, Adult Education). Every doctoral student in UEF needs to belong to a doctoral programme. IMPDET-LE is not an independent doctoral programme, but it belongs to two doctoral programmes of UEF.

Note: The application procedures in the two doctoral programme are slightly different, see more information below.

Who can apply to IMPDET-LE studies?

According to the Universities Act (558/2009, Chapter 5, Section 37), eligible applicant for studies leading to an academic or artistic postgraduate degree shall be a person who has completed:

(1) a relevant Master’s degree awarded by a university;
(2) a relevant Master’s degree awarded by a university of applied sciences; or
(3) a relevant applicable study programme abroad which in the awarding country gives eligibility for the corresponding level of higher education.

The specific requirements for applicants in the IMDPET-LE programme are:

  • The applicants is willing to pursue a line of research related to the research interests of the IMPDET-LE programme
  • Have fluent written and oral English, including being able to write high-quality scientific articles
  • Have previous academic and professional experience in educational technology, ICT for Development or a related field.

Please check the specific eligbility critertia and admission requirements:

What type of research IMPDET-LE students should pursue?

The main research interests of the IMPDET-LE programme are:

  • computing education
  • educational technology
  • interactive technologies
  • ICT for development

The following websites provide more information about possible research topics for IMPDET-LE applicants:


The above website also provide information about the potential supervisors. Also, it is very important to study the profiles of the main supervisor candidates before applying.