Jarkko Suhonen

Position: Senior Researcher, Co-ordinator of the IMPDET-LE studies, School of Computing, UEF

Discipline: Computer Science

Prerequisities: I will supervise doctoral students who use design science research (DSR) or/and design thinking as their primary research framework. 

My basic expectations are:

  1. The research work needs to be based on a concrete real life challenge/problem/issue related to learning, education or development. The work can also be based on identifying a need for improvement, such as  creating new learning opportunities via technology.
  2. during the studies the doctoral candidate designs and implements a solution (intervention) in order to solve the identified problem or meet the required need
  3. at least one design experiment is conducted during the doctoral studies where the novelty, impact and utility of the novel solution is evaluated in real-life settings.

Those candidates who are not familiar with design science research should study about DSR already before applying. Relevant literature about design science research can be found at the following sites: https://wiki.uef.fi/x/eoHhAQ and https://wiki.uef.fi/x/HA8lAQ/. One starting point to learn about design thinking is the following article: Design Thinking For Social Innovation.

I'm also interested in supervising doctoral students who want study about the design aspects of educational technology.

I recommend that all my doctoral students should read and preferably own the following books:

Final requirement: the applicant must have previous experience about educational technology or ICT for development.

Contact details: jarkko.suhonen (at) uef.fi

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