Multigaze framework

Eye tracking remote desktop software


You are on the web page of Multigaze framework project - a software package, developed for evaluating users collaboration over the network. It provide means for processing and analysing gaze information in addition to the standart VNC remote desktop control functionality.


Multiple clients browse and control the same shared workspace simultaniosuly, performing joint actions.

Gaze visualisation

Every user can observe focus areas of other participants by virtue of customizable gaze-cursors.

Data gathering

Server accumulate and log gaze events, received from all connected clients. That enables run-time or post-processing analysis.

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Multigaze framework is a remote desktop software built upon TightVnc open-source project (version 1.3.10). It extends base package by adding functionality on collecting, processing and distributing gaze information. Multigaze framework allows multiple clients view and control shared workspace, browsing gaze-cursors that marks other participants focus areas.

Common performance of the system allows comfortable work with textual and graphical documents over the system. In some cases it is also possible to use media materials (video,...), but it tightens requirements to the network connection and hardware.

Multigaze framework implements a set of use cases, that allows to utilize it in various collaboration scenarios:

Remote work areas

  • application window
  • rectangular area
  • full desktop

Access options

  • view-only
  • control

Gaze-cursor customization

  • shape (circle, pointer,...)
  • label
  • color
  • transparency

Multigaze framework project was designed to allow relative simple improving of gaze data visualization and processing. It is possible to add/change shapes and drawing modes of focus area highlighting marks. Server also can be improved to perform complex processing of joint data reports and react on gaze events in a run-time.


This project is released and licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.0. You can download, use it for any legal purposes (including commercial ones) and redistribute package verbatim copies. It is also allowed to modify the software and distribute modifications, under condition - use GPL for licensing the result.

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Multigaze framework software package components:

  • Windows server ( bin | sources ) - core of the system. It should be installed on the PC, that will be a source of a shared workspace. Server accumulates all gaze information, received from connected clients for further complex processing. It also logs all processed gaze events;
  • Java client ( bin | sources ) - component, responcible for collecting gaze information from connected eye-tracker, processing data and visualizing other clients gaze-cursors;
  • ETUDriver sink ( bin | sources ) - ATL sink, used to organize communication between ETUDriver and java client.

Software dependencies

Multigaze framework java client requires Eye-Tracking Universal Driver (link) to communicate with eye-tracker. It is also strongly advised to use DFMirage driver (link) to improve the overall performance of the system.

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User manual

Common description of Multigaze framework interfaces and use cases

System description

Common description of Multigaze framework system architecture and fetures


Previouse versions and recent changes

Client Java-doc

Multigaze framework java client source codes documentation (do not include TightVNC source codes description)

Server API doc

Multigaze framework windows server source codes documentation (do not include TightVNC source codes description)

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Bidirectional Gaze in Remote Computer Mediated Collaboration: Setup and Initial Results from Pair-Programming In the proceedings of the Computer Supported Cooperative Work

Bednarik, R., Shipilov, A., Pietinen, S. CSCW, ACM, pp. 597-600
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Contact Information.

Andrey Shipilov
Email: ashipilo [@]
Email: ashipilo [@]

Roman Bednarik
Email: roman.bednarik [@]

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