Human activity during interaction with technology is involuntary reflected in eye movements. Prior research focused on pupillary responses, and more recently on fixation, saccades and smooth pursuit as a source for feature extraction. However, employed techniques and chosen features differ across research and experiments. The background knowledge about the feasible features and their sensitivity to human cognition and other aspects of interactive behavior is missing. I investigate the potentials of machine learning and pattern recognition approaches in eye-tracking and focuses on relation between eye movements, features and aspects of social, emotional, cognitive and other behavioral states.



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    Acceptance rate: 20%

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Awards and scholarships

  • ACM LAK2020: Best Conference Paper
  • UEF Doctoral Scholarship 2014-2015
  • CHI Doctoral Consortium Award, 2013
  • ECSE 1year position, 2013
  • eCOST TUTOREM travel grant, 2012
  • ECSE travel grant, 2012
  • ACM ETRA: Best paper honorable mentioned, 2012
  • Scholarship of Cross Border University,2.5 year position 2012