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Himat Shah

Senior Researcher Data Analytics

Department of Software Engineering, Turku University

Phone: +358465840099 | Email:

About Me

Currently working on Dining Flow project as a Senior Researcher at Software Engineering Department, Turku University. It is my passion to learn about computer science, machine learning, data science, and web mining. Having been a programmer since I was a teenager, I possess solid programming skills and knowledge. I strive to be a lifelong learner who pays attention to details. Since machine learning can benefit many people, it is my main motivation.

I'm a 38-year-old PhD in computer science machine learning, who has studied and worked for the last ~6 years in teaching position in information technology and computer science. My previous job was as an Assistant Professor at the public university QUEST Nawabshah Pakistan, which I am on study leave from. From 2014 to January 2018, I worked in the IT department. My career started in Lecturer Information technology and moved from there to more of a senior lecturer and most recently assistant professor.

My PhD in computer science was awarded in November 2022 after studying for about 5 years (or so). My research group is in Joensuu city at the School of Computing University of Eastern Finland Joensuu. My research group is called machine learning, and my research field is data science and web content mining. I have developed 4 different methods for keyword extraction both language dependent and independent.

I love programming and spending most of my spare time practicing and improving my programming skills. I'm good at getting the big picture to dig deeper in just the right spots. I love to prove before doing so that correct things are built and then build them. And I'm hungry for more. I love interacting with customers and providing value to their needs. I love constant learning and complex environments where you face challenges on multiple levels.

Research Areas

Work Experience

Position Company Duration
Senior Researcher Software Engineering Department Turku University 2023 - OnGoing
Database Programmer SiunSote Centeral Hospital Joensuu, Finland 2020 - 2022
Assistant Professor (IT) IT Department Quaid-e-awam university of engineering, science & technology, Nawabshah, Pakistan 2016 - 2018
Lecturer (IT) IT department Quaid-e-awam university of engineering, science & technology, Nawabshah, Pakistan 2014 - 2016
Principal SZABIST (IT) SZABIST, IT institute Nawabshah, Pakistan 2013 - 2014
Counter Products Zte, London, United Kingdom 2012 - 2013
Oracle Trainer SZABIST, IT institute Hyderabad, Pakistan 2009 - 2010
Principal (IT) Community Technology Center, Noshahroferoze, Pakistan 2007 - 2009


Machine Learning

  • Python
  • R
  • NLP
  • C
  • NodeJs

Web Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • React
  • React Native


  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MongoDB
  • Qlik Sense
  • PowerBI


Degree Institution Year
PhD in Data Science Computer Science School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu 2018 ─ 2022
Masters in Information Technology (IT) IT department QUEST, Nawabshah, Pakistan 2014 ─ 2016
Master of Business Administration (MBA) University of Wales Cardiff,Wales , United Kingdom 2010 ─ 2012
PGD Level─7 City College of London, United Kingdom 2010 ─ 2010
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science University of Sindh Jamshoro, Pakistan 2004 ─ 2008


  • Is Programming for Me?
Riveria School Joensuu (TE office Finland) 2.2023 ─ 04.2024

Programming Name Months Level
Python 2.0 Excellent
HTML & CSS 1.3 Excellent
AWS 1.0 Good
React 0.5 Going On
PowerBI 2.0 Very Good
SQL 2.0 Upcoming


  • Oracle 10g DBA Certified, 2012
  • ILETS 6.5
  • GRE 293/320


Journal Articles

  1. C. Zhou, C. Wang, H. Hassan, H. Shah, B. Huang, P. Franti, "Bayesian inference for data-efficient, explainable, and safe robotic motion planning: A review" , arXiv preprint arXiv:2307.08024, 2023. Read,
  2. H. Shah, S. Ahmed, A. Sathio, and A. Burdi, "W-rank: A keyphrase extraction method for webpage based on linguistics and DOM-base features", In VAWKUM Transactions on Computer Sciences, 2023 ISSN(e): 2308-8168, ISSN(p): 2411-6335, 2023. Read
  3. H. Shah, and P. Frant, "Combining statistical, structural, and linguistic features for keyword extraction from web pages," In Journal of Applied Computing and Intelligence Aims press, 2022. Read, youtube
  4. A. Laghari, H. He, S. Karim, H. Shah, and N. K. Karn, "Quality of Experience Assessment of Video Quality in Social Clouds," Wireless Communications and Mobile, 2017. Read
  5. A. Khan, A. Burdi, S. Awan, H. Shah, F. A. Abbasi,"Image Segmentation Approach Using Python OpenCV to Detect Tuberculosis,"In Sindh University journal, Vol. 51 (01) pp. 135-140,2019. Read
  6. M. A. Shah, H. U. Pathan, H. Shah, W. A. Shah,"Effects of SMS Texting on Academic Writing Skills of Undergraduate Students at a Public Sector University in Pakistan," In Journal of Literature, Languages and Linguistics, Vol.75, ISSN 2422-8435, 2021. Read

Conference Articles

  1. H. Shah, M.U.S Khan, P. Fränti,"H-Rank: A keywords extraction method from web pages using POS tags," IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN), Helsinki, 2019. Read, Hrank
  2. H. Shah, M. Rezaei, P. Fränti, "DOM-based keyword extraction from web pages," In Proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AIIPCC), Information Processing and Cloud Computing, 2019. Read, Drank
  3. H. Shah, R. Mariescu-Istodor and P. Fränti, "WebRank: Language-Independent Extraction of Keywords from Webpages," In IEEE International Conference on Progress in Informatics and Computing (PIC), 2021, pages 184-192. Read, WebRank

Thesis Book

Automatic keyword extraction for webpages. Read thesis

Hobbies and Interests

  • Playing Bedminton
  • Running, Skiing
  • Reading books on artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Learning new programming languages and technologies


  • Sindhi Native
  • English Excellent
  • Finnish B1.1
  • Urd Native