GazeIn 2013

Eye gaze is one of the most important aspects in understanding and modeling human-human communication, and it has great potential also in improving human-machine and robot interaction. In human face-to-face communication, eye gaze plays an important role in floor and turn management, grounding, and engagement in conversation. In human-computer interaction research, social gaze, gaze directed at an interaction partner, has been a subject of increased attention. Finally, gaze has for long been studied in human-computer interaction.

This is the sixth workshop in Eye Gaze in Intelligent Human Machine Interaction, and in the past we have discussed a wide range of issues for eye gaze relevant to multimodal interaction; technologies for sensing human attentional behaviors, roles of attentional behaviors as social gaze in human-human and human-machine/robot interaction, attentional behaviors in problem-solving and task-performing, gaze-based intelligent user interfaces, and evaluation of gaze-based UI. In addition to these topics, this workshop will focus on eye gaze in multimodal communication, interpretation and generation. Since eye gaze is one of the primary communication modalities, gaze information can be combined with other modalities to compensate meanings of utterances or to serve as a stand-alone communication signal.

This workshop aims to continue in these lines and explore the growing area of gaze in intelligent interaction research by bringing together researchers from domains of human sensing, multimodal processing, humanoid interfaces, intelligent user interfaces, and communication science. We will exchange ideas to develop and improve methodologies for this research area with the long-term goal of establishing a strong interdisciplinary research community in “attention aware interactive systems”.

We are glad to announce that Julien Epps will be the keynote speaker at GazeIn’13.