Preliminary program for GazeIn’13

Julien Epps: Automatic task analysis based on eye activity

Session I: Conversation
Context Aware Addressee Estimation for Human Robot Interaction
The acoustics of eye contact: Detecting visual attention from conversational audio cues
A Dominance Estimation Mechanism using Eye-gaze and Turn-taking Information
Finding the Timings for a Guide Agent to Intervene Inter-user Conversation in Considering Their Gaze Behaviors


Session II: Applications
Situated Multi-modal Dialog System in Vehicles
Agent-Assisted Multi-Viewpoint Video Viewer and Its Gaze-Based Evaluation
Mutual Disambiguation of Eye Gaze and Speech for Sight Translation and Reading

Session III: Gaze & Mind
Learning Aspects of Interest from Gaze
Feature Selection for gaze, pupillary, and EEG signals evoked in a 3D environment
Lying through the eyes: detecting lies through eye movements
Unrawelling the interaction strategies and gaze in collaborative learning with online video lectures