Theses topics with R.B. @ INT

As a part of the Interactive technologies research group you will be working on challenging topics that merge HCI, user interface development, and often a data-analysis method (e.g. machine learning) with novel interaction methods such as eye-tracking. We study interactive processes of both the general as well as special groups of users, such as programmers, surgeons, problem solvers, low-vision users, or seniors.
The followin topics are available for BSc, MSc, and special projects. If you are interested in conducting a PhD work, contact me directly.
Available topics
- Effects of gaze-transfer on pair programming
- Interactive gaze-based control for virtual surgery environment
- Analysis of visual attention of surgeons using salient maps
- Computer game play with eye-tracking and/or brain-computer interaction
- Gaze as a biometrics
- Eye-tracking as device controller
- Building low-cost eye-tracking glasses
Work experience
A typical thesis is often based on empirical work and experimentation. Many of our students have implemented and evaluated a novel user interaction method. More often than not, they were able to publish their findings in a scientific forum, see a list of publications.

The INT group provides a friendly environment, with regular meetings, and peer-support. We work with high-end technologies, such as eye-tracking, multitouch surfaces and EEG.