Components of the programme

Doctoral studies in the IMPDET-LE programme are built upon three main components: (1) supervision; (2) course work; (3) online research seminars.


The IMPDET-LE doctoral students usually have 2-3 supervisors, but four supervisors are possible in some cases. One of the supervisors needs to be a professor, assistant professor, or a person holding equivalent qualification while being a staff member at UEF. Supervisors outside of the University of Eastern Finland must be approved by the student’s respective Faculty. A team of supervisors is collectively responsible for:

  1. Assisting and monitoring the progress of the studies together with the IMPDET-LE co-ordinator;
  1. Co-authoring a set of research articles related to students doctoral research work, as well as coaching the writing process; and
  2. Mentoring students through an investigation of the student's own scientific research work that will result in a doctoral dissertation.


Course work

All doctoral student needs to complete individually agreed course work during the studies. The content and amount of course work will be defined in the personal postgraduate study plan. The study requirements for doctoral studies differ between the Faculty of Science and Forestry and the Philosophical Faculty:

The course work can be completed in various ways, for example:

1. Courses from Computer Science, Education, or related fields. The IMPDET-LE students are able to complete 1-3 online courses per study year, see the IMPDET-LE courses-page. In addition, there are several suitable courses available on campus. Also, students can choose elective courses outside of their respective departments, even in some cases outside of UEF. For instance, UniPID Virtual Studies might be relevant for some of the IMPDET-LE students, especially those who are dealing with developmental issues.

2. Transferable Skills Studies offered by the Graduate School of the University of Eastern Finland. The Transferable Skill Studies are designed to help postgraduate students to develop their general research skills, like scientific writing, information retrieval and research ethics etc. Some of the transferable skills studies offered by the Graduate School are available online. In some cases, the students are able to study the Transferable Skills Studies by completing online courses outside of UEF (for example, MOOCS). All doctoral students in UEF must complete a Research Ethics or related course work during their studies.

See more information about Transferable Skills Studies at UEF:

3. Independent course work. IMPDET-LE doctoral students are able to do part of their course work by completing individually agreed scholarly tasks, learning activities and projects, such as presenting a paper in a scientific conference, creating online course materials, writing an essay related to the topic of the doctoral studies, completing a literature review or small scale project work, etc. The content and scope (ECTS credits) of the independent course work need to be negotiated with the supervisors and/or IMPDET-LE co-ordinator.

Online research seminars

The edTech research group at the School of Computing organises approximately once per month online research seminars. The research seminars provide IMPDET-LE students an opportunity to present their work and receive constructive feedback from supervisors, senior researchers, and other doctoral students. The seminar presentations can be given and followed online via the Zoom video conferencing system, Skype, or other online means. At the end of studies, IMPDET-LE doctoral students are able to receive course credits from the research seminars based on the given presentations and attendance.

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