Fees and funding

Study fees

Doctoral students do not pay any tuition fees at the University of Eastern Finland. However, the IMPDET-LE students are expected to cover related study costs, such as visits to the campus during the studies, as well as defend the doctoral dissertation at the end of the studies. Doctoral studies in the IMPDET-LE programme can be studied online, but at least one longer study period on campus is highly recommended.


IMPDET-LE programme does not have funding avalable which would allow full time studying. Thus, most of the current IMPDET-LE students study part-time, e.g. they have a full or part-time job outside of UEF and often in their home country, which allows them to pursue the studies. IMPDET-LE students should discuss with his/her supervisor about funding possibilities and sources. The student should be active and have the main responsibility when applying funding. Please check the following website for funding opportunities: https://www3.uef.fi/en/tutkimus/tohtorikoulu/rahoitus

UEF also has salary-paying positions for doctoral students, which usually are applied on an annual basis. The salary-paying positions enable the doctoral students to engage in a full-time study with an objective to complete the doctoral degree in four years' time. The doctoral students selected to the salary-paying positions will be hired as early-stage researchers by the University of Eastern Finland. However, the competition for the salary-paying positions is high, so this funding possibility should not be the priority plan for funding. There is also so-called finalising scholarships available in some of the Faculties, which can be applied at the end of the studies.

More information about the salary-paying doctoral student positions in UEF can be found at: https://www.uef.fi/en/research/doctoralschool/doctoral-student-positions

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