General information

This page include general information about studing in UEF and in the IMPDET-LE programme

General information

The following resources give information about a variety of practical matters related to studying in University of Eastern Finland.

The above links serve the needs of both prospective and current international students at the University of Eastern Finland. They contain information on admission for degree and non-degree applicants, practical information and instructions for those who have been admitted to study at UEF, and guidelines and advice to support the students' study paths.

Living and traveling arrangements

Joensuu Student Housing (Joensuun Elli)

Student housing in Joensuu is hard to come by, especially in Autumn terms. Luckily, Joensuu Elli offers apartments also to international students, including the IMPDET-LE students for at least couple of month stay. It is best to apply for the accommodation as early as possible. There are also accommodation options for shorter visit. Please contact IMPDET-LE co-oridinator for practical arrangements concerning the accommodation during your visit.

Information about the City of Joensuu - Karelian beat and vitality

The City of Joensuu's official website provides much information about living, working, and traveling in Joensuu. It even has a webcam of Joensuu's City Market.

Information on obtaining visas and residence permits

IMPDET-LE students are responsible for obtaining their own visas or residence permits, if needed. After being accepted to the University of Eastern Finland, IMPDET-LE students will receive a Certificate of Admission that can be used to help secure a visa or residence permit. Students need to contact the Finnish embassy or consulate in their home country to determine a visa of residence permit is needed and how to go about getting one.

Technical aspects

Most of the IMPDET-LE activities and courses will be available online. In order to participate and complete your studies, you should have, or have access to, a computer with a network, preferably broadband, connection. Browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer should all work well in the IMPDET-LE studies.

After a student has been accepted, he or she will receive a UEF username and password in order to access services and online applications in UEF. See more information from:

The IMPDET-LE wiki includes the list of most relevant e-services for doctoral students:

In addition, supervisors and teachers might also use other platforms or technical solutions during the studies. Thus, you may be required to purchase accessories such as headphones, microphones and a webcam; new software may also have to be purchased. Unfortunately, the amount of technical support that can be provided for each of student is limited. Due to this fact, you should be able to install all the required software and accessories by yourself or get someone to help you.