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The API provides clustering of markers on map in order to remove overlap of markers.
Currently, grid-based clustering algorithm is used. It supports thumbnail markers of photos and also icons as follow:

Single object Cluster

1- Click on single object: opens information window on map

2- Click on main icon of cluster: zoom in to cluster

3- Click on circle icon of cluster thumbnail: opens information window on map and by repeating click it displays the next object’s information

clusteringLogic.js includes clustering functions
clusteringInterface.js includes functions to handle information on map
mapFunctions.js includes some extra functions related to map and handling markers on it
markerFunctions.js includes marker creation and handling click and information window
(map, options)
addObject(object) adds the input json object to the array markersData of cluseringObj
apply() performs clustering and displays markers on map
remoteClick(i) opens information window of selected object i from all data
clean() removes all marker clusters and also listeners from map

1- If the thumbnail is selected and the photo does not exist, the following default photo is used:

2- You can design, the content of information window in the function “createInfoWindow” of markerX class in markerFunctions.js

3- To apply a new clustering using the same object that has already been used, first use clean() function to destroy the previous clustering on map.

Usage example:
var options = {};
options.clusteringMethod = "gridBased";
options.markerStyle = markerType; // “thumbnail”, “marker1”
options.markerColor = “yellow”; // “yellow”, “green”, “red”, “blue”
options.representativeType = "mean"; // “mean”, “first”, “middleCell”
options.autoUpdate = 0; // updates only changed clusters on map if =1
map: Google map object that exists
var cluseringObj = new mopsiMarkerClustering(map, options); // constructor
if (cluseringObj.validParams == "YES" ) { // validParams: “YES” or “NO”
   // add data objects
   // supposing your data is in the array data
   for ( var i = 0 ; i < data.length ; i++ ) {
     // creating objects one by one and adding to cluseringObj using addObject
     obj = {}; = data[i].lat;
     obj.lon = data[i].lon;
     // optional,
     obj.photourl = data[i].photourl; // needed for “thumbnail”, photourl: full path of a photo on server
     // needed for displaying objects information in infoWindow = data[i].name;
     obj.address = data[i].address; = data[i].date;
     obj.time = data[i].time; = data[i].author;
     cluseringObj.addObject(obj); // adds object to the array markersData of cluseringObj
   cluseringObj.apply(); // performing clustering algorithm and displaying markers
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