Joensuu Science Park
Meeting room B330, 3rd floor
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Machine Learning group, University of Eastern Finland.


Recent research results on machine learning and data mining on health care applications and beyond.


Welcome (10:00-10:10)
10:10 Qinpei Zhao: Blood glucose control based on reinforcement learning
10:55 Congrong Wang: SHiDS & diabetes data registry: What we've learned and what we need
11:40 Pasi Fränti: Can we optimize locations of hospitals by minimizing thenumber of patients at risk?
Lunch break (12:20-13:20)
13:20 Jimi Tuononen: Diseases in Finnish wellbeing service counties map tool
13:50 Chengmin Zhou: Bayesian inference for data-efficient, explainable and safe robotic motion planning
14:20 Abigail Wiafe: Cluster Analysis of Emotify+ dataset
Social program (15:00--)
Minigolf in Kuntokeidas


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