Homepage of Ville Vestman

Speech Lab (2023)

Speech lab, celeb search Speech lab, celeb search A website demonstrating various speech technology applications such as speaker recognition and voice cloning.

Website: https://cs.uef.fi/speechlab.

Dates Gone Nuts! (2022)

A handy calendar app for Android.

Available on Google Play.

Whistling Game (2015)

Image from Whistling Game An Android game played by whistling. Available on Google Play.

Fruity Words (2014)

An Android version of the crossword app below. Available on Google Play.

Generistik (2012)

Generistik is a free tool for designing Finnish crossword puzzles. This tool automatically fills words to a crossword grid and therefore frees the designer from the most difficult task of the crossword creation process. Unlike many other crossword filling tools, Generistik does not require designing of the whole crossword template before starting the filling algorithm. Instead, the filling algorithm runs continuously on the background and lets the user to make changes to the structure of the crossword at any time.

Website (in Finnish): http://www.generistik.fi