Joensuu Science Park
Meeting room B330, 3rd floor
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Machine Learning group, University of Eastern Finland.


We focus on on-going research topics in the research group. Selected topics include clustering, optimization of health care services in IMPRO project, analysis of music, location-based and social media data, and motion planning in robotics.


Welcome coffee (10:00-10:10)
10:10 Pasi Fränti: Clustering health care data
10:35 Sami Sieranoja: Measuring similarity of patients
11:00 Gulraiz Choudhary: Comparison of determinic swap approaches
11:25 Nancy Fazal: Social-media data for location-based games
11:50 Chengmin Zhou: Motion planning for indoor robotics
Lunch break (12:20-13:20)
13:20 Masoud Fatemi: Cluster analysis of Nordic Tweets
13:45 Mehrdad Salimi: Detecting bias in Tweets
14:10 Abigail Wiafe: Emotions in music: analysis of survey results
14:35 Jimi Tuononen: Regional differences in disease correlations
Social program (15:00--)
15:00-16:00 Go raining, Rogaining or Morning groaning
16:00-20:00 Games and socializing (Sauna department)
Possibility to have sauna
Some snack included.


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