Summer seminar on
Optimizing Health Care and Location-based Services


Olympia meeting room, 5th floor, 3B building, Science Park, Länsikatu 15.


Machine Learning group, University of Eastern Finland.


The summer seminar focuses on recent research results related to the ongoing IMPRO project and some other location-based ongoing research at the Machine Learning group. The themes focus mainly on geo-information and other location aspects in health care and location-based services in general. There will be 7 invited talks.


10:00 Opening
10:05 Clustering of graphs (Sami Sieranoja)
10:30 Clustering diseases and patients (Pasi Fränti)
11:10 Facility location optimization: Interface (Juhani Järviö)
11:15 Facility location optimization: Algorithm (Radu Mariescu-Istodor)
11:30 Facility location optimization: Results (Pasi Fränti)
Lunch break
13:00 Predicting future diseases (Gulraiz Choudhary)
13:30 Extending crowdsourcing to the real world (Nancy Fazal)
14:00 Clustering social networks on Twitter (Masoud Fatemi)
14:30 Closing

Evening program:

15:00 - 17:00 Karting at Pilkontie 3, 80100 Joensuu
17:00 - 21:00 Sauna + dinner + social program


- For the Karting, all you need to bring is some good shoes for driving.
- Sauna, Dinner, and social program locations are the same as the presentations (5th floor, 3B building, Science Park).


Send email to Pasi Fränti
- Participation: Online / Local
- Coverage: Seminar only / Full program
- Karting: Yes/No
- Dinner: Yes/No