Group Introduction

The Algorithmic Data Analysis group is located at School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland. The group is led by Prof. Pauli Miettinen.

The research of the group can be divided into following topics:

  • Matrix and tensor factorisations over non-standard algebras.
  • Hyberbolic community mining and modelling.
  • Redescription mining.
  • Differentially private data mining.
  • Applications of algorithmic data analysis to other fields.

The topic division is not strict; for example, in community mining we use techniques from matrix decompositions, and applications use all of the methods – and more – whatever is applicable.

Further information about the research is in dedicated page.


  • Andrius Penkauskas joined the group [February 2022]
  • Maiju Karjalainen joined the group [December 2020]
  • Pekka Hänninen and Matej Mihelčić joined the group [August 2019]
  • Esther Galbrun joined the group [January 2019]

Group Members

Former Members

  • Dr. Matej Mihelčić, post-doctoral researcher (until summer 2020)
  • Pekka Hänninen, project researcher (until the end of 2020)