Edited and Authored Books and Monographs

  • James Bailey Pauli Miettinen Yun Sing Koh Dacheng Tao Xindong Wu (Eds.) Proceedings of the 21st IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2021). IEEE 2021
  • Esther Galbrun Pauli Miettinen Redescription Mining. SpringerBriefs in Computer Science, Springer International Publishing 2018
    [Springer | manuscript]
  • Bettina Berendt Björn Bringmann Élisa Fromont Gemma Garriga Pauli Miettinen Nikolaj Tatti Volker Tresp (Eds.) Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases, European Conference, ECML PKDD 2016, Riva del Garda, Italy, September 19–23, 2016, Proceedings, Part III. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 9853, Springer International Publishing 2016

All peer-reviewed publications

Journal articles

Conference articles

Peer-reviewed workshop articles

  • Maiju Karjalainen Esther Galbrun Pauli Miettinen Serenade: An Approach for Differentially Private Greedy Redescription Mining. Proc. 20th Anniversary Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in Inductive Databases, , 3146.
    [manuscript | pdf (CEUR-WS) | source code]
  • Sanjar Karaev Saskia Metzler Pauli Miettinen Logistic-Tropical Decompositions and Nested Subgraphs. Proc. 14th International Workshop on Mining and Learning with Graphs (MLG '18), .
    [manuscript | pdf (workshop)]
  • Esther Galbrun Pauli Miettinen Analysing Political Opinions Using Redescription Mining. Proc. 2016 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshops (ICDMW '16), Data Mining in Politics (DMiP) Workshop, 2016, 422427.
    [manuscript | pdf (IEEE) | Workshop | more information]
  • Nelson Mukuze Pauli Miettinen Interactive Constrained Boolean Matrix Factorization. Proc. KDD 2016 Workshop on Interactive Data Exploration and Analytics (IDEA '16), .
    [manuscript | Workshop]
  • Saskia Metzler Pauli Miettinen Clustering Boolean Tensors. ECML/PKDD 2014 PhD Session, .
  • Pauli Miettinen Interactive Data Mining Considered Harmful (If Done Wrong). Proc. KDD 2014 Workshop on Interactive Data Exploration and Analytics (IDEA), , 8587.
  • Pauli Miettinen Fully Dynamic Quasi-Biclique Edge Covers via Boolean Matrix Factorizations. Proc. 1st ACM SIGMOD Workshop on Dynamic Networks Management and Mining (DyNetMM '13), .
    [pdf (ACM) | manuscript]
  • Esther Galbrun Pauli Miettinen A Case of Visual and Interactive Data Analysis: Geospatial Redescription Mining. ECML PKDD '12 Workshop on Instant Interactive Data Mining (IID '12),
    [manuscript | Workshop]

Demonstration papers


  • Pauli Miettinen Matrix Decomposition Methods for Data Mining: Computational Complexity and Algorithms. Publications of Department of Computer Science, A-2009-4, Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki 2009 (Ph.D. thesis, monograph).
    Certificate of Recognition, ACM SIGKDD Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2010.
  • Pauli Miettinen The Discrete Basis Problem . Report C-2006-010, Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki 2006 (M.Sc. thesis).
    [pdf | source code]

Technical reports and preprints

  • Thibault Marette Pauli Miettinen Stefan Neumann Visualizing Overlapping Biclusterings and Boolean Matrix Factorizations. arXiv:2307.07396 [cs.LG] .
    [pdf (arXiv)]
  • Matej Mihelčić Pauli Miettinen Differentially Private Tree-Based Redescription Mining. arXiv:2212.06630 [cs.DB] .
    [pdf (arXiv)]
  • Matej Mihelčić Pauli Miettinen Finding Rule-Interpretable Non-Negative Data Representation. arXiv:2206.01483 [cs.LG] .
    [pdf (arXiv)]
  • Stefan Neumann Pauli Miettinen Biclustering and Boolean Matrix Factorization in Data Streams. arXiv:2012.03138 [cs.LG] .
    [pdf (arXiv) | source code]
  • Pauli Miettinen Stefan Neumann Recent Developments in Boolean Matrix Factorization. arXiv:2012.03127 [cs.LG] .
    [pdf (arXiv)]
  • Sebastian Keller Pauli Miettinen Olga Kalinina Frequent subgraph mining for biologically meaningful structural motifs. https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.05.14.095695 .
    [pdf (bioRxiv)]
  • Nikolaj Tatti Pauli Miettinen Boolean matrix factorization meets consecutive ones property. arXiv:1901.05797 [cs.DS] .
    [pdf (arXiv) | source code]
  • Sanjar Karaev James Hook Pauli Miettinen Latitude: A Model for Mixed Linear–Tropical Matrix Factorization. arXiv:1801.06136 [cs.LG] .
    [pdf (arXiv) | source code]
  • Stefan Neumann Pauli Miettinen Reductions for Frequency-Based Data Mining Problems. arXiv:1709.00900 [cs.CC] .
    [pdf (arXiv) | source code]
  • Sanjar Karaev Pauli Miettinen Algorithms for Approximate Subtropical Matrix Factorization. arXiv:1707.08872 [cs.LG] .
    [pdf (arXiv) | source code]
  • Stefan Neumann Rainer Gemulla Pauli Miettinen What You Will Gain By Rounding: Theory and Algorithms for Rounding Rank. arXiv:1609.05034 [cs.DM] .
    [pdf (arXiv)]
  • Saskia Metzler Stephan Günnemann Pauli Miettinen Hyperbolae Are No Hyperbole: Modelling Communities That Are Not Cliques. arXiv:1602:04650 [cs.SI] .
    [pdf (arXiv)]
  • Saskia Metzler Pauli Miettinen On Defining SPARQL with Boolean Tensor Algebra. arXiv:1503.00301 [cs.DB]
    [pdf (arXiv)]
  • Saskia Metzler Pauli Miettinen Clustering Boolean Tensors. arXiv:1501.00696 [cs.NA] .
    [pdf (arXiv)]
  • Dóra Erdős Pauli Miettinen Scalable Boolean Tensor Factorizations using Random Walks. arXiv:1310.4843 [cs.DS] .
    [pdf (arXiv)]
  • Pauli Miettinen Jilles Vreeken MDL4BMF: Minimum Description Length for Boolean Matrix Factorization. Research Report MPI-I-2012-5-001, Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik .
    [pdf | source code]

Other writings

  • Esther Galbrun Pauli Miettinen Redescription Mining: An Overview. IEEE Intelligent Informatics Bulletin 18(2), , 712.
    [pdf (IIB) | manuscript]
  • Pauli Miettinen A review of Mathematical Tools for Data Mining: Set Theory, Partial Orders, Combinatorics by Dan A. Simovici and Chabane Djeraba. SIGACT News 42(2), 4346.
    [pdf (ACM)]