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MSc in Mathematics
Current position: Early state researcher, School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland
Research group: Computational Speech Group
Research topics: Speech technology, automatic speaker recognition systems
Email: ville.vestman [at] uef.fi
Office: Science Park, Room B356 (3rd floor)

Refereed journal articles

  1. V. Vestman, T. Kinnunen, R. González Hautamäki, M. Sahidullah, "Voice Mimicry Attacks Assisted by Automatic Speaker Verification", Computer Speech & Language (accepted), 2019 [pdf]
  2. V. Vestman, D. Gowda, M. Sahidullah, P. Alku, T. Kinnunen, "Speaker Recognition from Whispered Speech: A Tutorial Survey and an Application of Time-Varying Linear Prediction", Speech Communication, Volume 99, May 2018, pp. 62–79 [pdf]

Refereed conference papers

  1. V. Vestman, K. A. Lee, T. H. Kinnunen, T. Koshinaka, "Unleashing the Unused Potential of I-Vectors Enabled by GPU Acceleration", To appear in Proc. Interspeech 2019
  2. M. Todisco, X. Wang, V. Vestman, M. Sahidullah, H. Delgado, A. Nautsch, J. Yamagishi, N. Evans, T. Kinnunen, K. A. Lee, "ASVspoof 2019: Future Horizons in Spoofed and Fake Audio Detection", To appear in Proc. Interspeech 2019
  3. K. A. Lee, V. Hautamäki, T. Kinnunen, H. Yamamoto, K. Okabe, V. Vestman, J. Huang, G. Ding, H. Sun, A. Larcher, R. K. Das, H. Li, M. Rouvier, P. Bousquet, W. Rao, Q. Wang, C. Zhang, F. Bahmaninezhad, H. Delgado, M. Todisco, Q. Wang, L. Guo, T. Koshinaka, J. Zhang, K. Shinoda, T. N. Trong, M. Sahidullah, F. Lu, Y. Tang, M. Tu, K. K. Teh, H. D. Tran, K. K. George, I. Kukanov, F. Desnous, J. Yang, E. Yılmaz, L. Xu, J. Bonastre, C. Xu, Z. H. Lim, E. S. Chng, S. Ranjan, J. H. L. Hansen, J. Patino, N. Evans, "I4U Submission to NIST SRE 2018: Leveraging from a Decade of Shared Experiences", To appear in Proc. Interspeech 2019
  4. V. Vestman, B. Soomro, A. Kanervisto, V. Hautamäki, T. Kinnunen, "Who Do I Sound Like? Showcasing Speaker Recognition Technology by Youtube Voice Search", Proc. ICASSP 2019, Brighton, UK, May 2019, pp. 5781–5785 [pdf]
  5. T. Kinnunen, R. González Hautamäki, V. Vestman, M. Sahidullah, "Can We Use Speaker Recognition Technology to Attack Itself? Enhancing Mimicry Attacks Using Automatic Target Speaker Selection", Proc. ICASSP 2019, Brighton, UK, May 2019, pp. 6146–6150 [pdf]
  6. V. Vestman, T. Kinnunen, "Supervector Compression Strategies to Speed up I-vector System Development", Proc. Odyssey: The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop, Les Sables d’Olonne, France, June 2018, pp. 357–364 [pdf]
  7. V. Vestman, D. Gowda, M. Sahidullah, P. Alku, T. Kinnunen, "Time-Varying Autoregressions for Speaker Verification in Reverberant Conditions", Proc. Interspeech 2017, Stockholm, Sweden, August 2017, pp. 1512–1516 [pdf]
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  9. A. Kanervisto, V. Vestman, M. Sahidullah, V. Hautamäki, T. Kinnunen, "Effects of Gender Information in Text-Independent and Text-Dependent Speaker Verification", Proc. ICASSP 2017, New Orleans, US, March 2017, pp. 5360–5364 [pdf]


  1. V. Vestman, "Modeling temporal characteristics of line spectral frequencies with an application to automatic speaker verification", Master’s thesis, Computer Science, 2016 [pdf]
  2. V. Vestman, "Fourier-menetelmät osittaisdifferentiaaliyhtälöissä", Master’s thesis, Mathematics, 2013 (in Finnish) [pdf]