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S+SSPR 2014 SSPR SPR conference workshop university of eastern finland uef joint international workshops on statistical techniques in pattern recognition and structural and syntactic pattern recognition
Social program

Mon 16.6: Welcome reception

Welcome reception will be arranged in Polar Bear Club situated about 3 km away from the city centre. Bus transport is arranged from market square. Sight-seeing bicycle trip to the venue is organized for those who interested. Contact Persons Andrei: and Radu:

You will have a chance to try Finnish tradition - sauna by the lake. There are separate dressing rooms and showers for women and men. Sauna is one big sauna for everyone at the same time. Thus, please bring your towel and swimsuit with you.

18:50: Market square
19:20: Market square

Bicycle Group I
18:00: From registration table
(We stop at hotels, if needed)

Bicycle Group II
18:45: From registration table
19:10: Meeting at Cumulus
19:25: Departure to Polar Bear Club.

Tue 17.6: Banquet

Banquet will be held in Theatre Restaurant in Joensuu City Hall designed by Eliel Saarinen in the Art Nuoveau style and completed in 1914.

Wed 18.6: Excursion to Koli

Koli, with its forested hills, is one of Finland’s best known national landscapes. Ukko-Koli, the highest hill in the Koli range, rises 253 metres above the surface of wilderness-like Lake Pielinen. You can attend hiking routes of varying difficulties, and stop in Visitor Centre Ukko which has information on Koli’s heritage landscape and Eastern Finland’s wooded hills and culture.

12.45 Departure from Aura building
13.45 Arrival to Koli
14.00 Guided hiking (3 levels of routes), free time
16.45 Gathering at harbour
17.00 Lake cruise to Lieksa, dinner on board
18.40 Arrival to Lieksa
19.15 Visit to Paateri
22.00 Arrival to Joensuu

Extra program with additional fee

Sun 15.6. Finnish baseball game

Finnish baseball is a variant of the more popular American baseball but the differences in the rules makes them completely different in nature. If you like the slow-pace and concentration-demanding American Baseball (or the Brittish Cricet), you most likely won't like the fast-paced Finnish baseball, and vice versa. The Finnish variant is all about actions and tacticts rather than accuracy and challenge of merely hitting the ball. In Finnish baseball, the pictching is significantly less demanding but the ball must hit ground before existing the field. There are other differences in rules.

If you want to see a game in action, there is change to join the national league game of Joensuu Maila at 17.00 in the baseball field just behind the Conference Venue. Joensuu Team has been played in the highest level (superpesis) since 2004. Last year 2013 it won Bronze (3rd place) first time ever. We will organize small group to go and see the game on Sunday. If you want to join, the tickets are 20e (A seat) or 10e (cheapest).

Details: Joensuu-Alajärvi 15.6. at 17.00 (2 h, 20e)
Contact Person Pasi:

Tue 17.6. Early Bird Trail Jogging

This is for those who want to get some physical exercise before spending the rest day indoors in seminar rooms. We go early morning 7.30 by car (10 mins drive) to the east end of Utranharju (Utra ridge). From there we will have 7 km scenery trail jogging ending to Onkilampi lake at the west end, where you can wash yourself before returning to town.

Take trail shoes, towel and change clothes. The trail has elevation differences and, at places, may be challenging for normal sneakers.

Details: Trail running in Utranharju (Utra ridge) 17.6. at 7.30 (1 h, 0e)
Contact Person Pasi:

Thu 19.6. Orienteering in forest

Kalevan Rasti (KR) is Joensuu-based orienteering club, which is the best in the world having most wins from the world's two major orienteering events (Jukola and Tiomila) in the recent years. The club organizes weekly event every thursday for everyone. Those who are familiar with orienteering are welcome to join for the A- or B-track. New-comers can also join and there will be someone giving tutorial in the C- or D-track.

Take trail or orienteering shoes and outdoor clothes. Towel and change clothes optional as we might dip in the Onkilampi as in the trail running. Event coindidently takes place also in Utranharju.

Details: Tutorial for orienteering in forest 19.6. at 17.00 (2 h, 6e)
Contact Person Pasi: