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S+SSPR 2014 SSPR SPR conference workshop university of eastern finland uef joint international workshops on statistical techniques in pattern recognition and structural and syntactic pattern recognition
Instructions for Presenters


The total time allocated is 20-25 minutes + 5-10 minutes for questions. During your presentation, the Session Chair will notify your remaining talk time with note cards marked with "5 min", "2 min" and "FINISH". Please pay attention to these signs and conclude your talk timely.

We will provide a presentation computer with Acrobat Reader and Microsoft PowerPoint. Using your own computer is not recommended without a strong reason. Please contact Session Chair or our technical stuff during the previous coffee or lunch break to upload your presentation, and check that it displays correctly. If you have any special requests, please notify us in advance (

Organize your slides around the main points you intend to make. One possible strategy is to allocate about 2 min per slide when the content is very technical (such as equation) and 1 minute when the content is less technical. Remember that slides attract attention and help you to convey the main points, provided that the slides are simple enough to explain. Do NOT directly read text from your slides but explain in your own words (use visuals when possible). It is very important to rehearse your presentation several times in advance, paying attention especially to clarity and timing.


Poster presentations are intended for presenting papers and meeting interested attendees for in-depth discussions. Organize your poster so that your intended message is conveyed clearly and noticeably to attract people. Do not attempt to repeat all the technical details in your poster; consider it as a visual abstract of your work. Make your poster as self-explanatory as possible to save your efforts.

There are 12 stands for 24 posters. The dimensions of the stands are 115 x 195, of which your poster can occupy half. The recommended size is A0 with vertical orientation (see pictures below).

Please attach your poster already the first day, and be present there for the entire poster session (Thursday 15.00-17.00). The posters can be left there for the entire conference. We recommend you to be available for questions during other coffee breaks when possible.