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Applied Statistics in Forestry and Environmental Sciences

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Curriculum vitae




Previous teaching responsibilities


Statistical data analysis

Contents: Linear models based on Fahrmeir et al.

Analysis of grouped data

Contents: Linear mixed-effect models. Covers chapters 4.1-5.1 of Mehtatalo & Lappi 2020

Introduction to statistical inference 1 and 2

Random variables, basic matrix algebra, random vectors, estimation.

Introduction to spatial statistics

Spatial point patterns, geostatistics.


Introduction to sampling based on the 2012 edition of Thompsons book "Sampling" (Springer) and selected parts of Gregoire and Valentine "Sampling strategies for natural resources and the environment".

Forest biometrics (Masters level)

This was a master level course in forest biometrics for the universities of Joensuu and Helsinki, which I gave in 2008-2014. The course was based on early drafts of Chapters 2-5 of Mehtštalo and Lappi 2020.

Forest biometrics (Doctoral level)

I have given several advanced courses with slightly different focus at different times to the Finnish Graduate school of forest sciences, NOVA forestry network, UEF summer school, and IBS German region. These courses have covered some of the Chapters 7, 8, 9, and 11 of Mehtštalo and Lappi (2020).

Previous teaching responsibilities in forest planning

I have given theoretical and practical Bachelor and Master level courses in forest planning in Universities of Eastern Finland and Helsinki in 2006-2012. The topics of those courses included linear programming, multi-objective optimization, optimization of forest management within one stand and in a forest area consisting of several stands, as well as composing a tactical forest plan for real forest owners.

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