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Applied Statistics in Forest Sciences

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Lauri Mehtätalo and Juha Lappi: Forest Biometrics with examples in R

The book will be published by Chapman & Hall/CRC.

The tentative TOC is shown below. Some chapters also include links to draft chapters, which you can download for review. Any feedback on these chapters is very welcome. Please send it to my email address: firstname.mehtatalo (at)

Lauri Mehtätalo and Juha Lappi: Forest biometrics with Examples in R

Part I. Introduction
1. Introduction
2. Random variables
3. Statistical modelling, estimation and prediction

Part II. Regression
4. Linear models
5. Linear mixed-effects models
6. More about linear mixed-effect models
7. Nonlinear (mixed-effects) models (version 13.6.2018)
8. Generalized linear (mixed-effects) Models (version 18.4.2019)
9. Multivariate (mixed-effects) models (version 18.4.2019)
10. Special topics on regression

Part III. Special Topics
11. Modelling tree size (version 12.6.2019)
12. Taper curves
13. Measurement errors
14. Forest experiments

Part IV. Discussion
15. Discussion

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